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Applying powdered paint to a Rangoli design 

What is Rangoli? 

Rangoli is a traditional Indian art form often associated with Diwali. A Rangoli is a brightly coloured design created using different materials such as coloured powders, seeds and grains, flower petals, pencils, pens and paint.

In the Ramayana story the citizens welcome Rama back from his fourteen-year exile in the forest by painting Rangoli designs outside their homes. Hindu families continue to honour this tradition today. In India some people get up very early in the morning to create a Rangoli. Later it is swept away and a new picture is painted each day of the festival. Rangoli designs are both decorative and symbolise a warm welcome and good luck.

Candles and lamps are also placed outside the home in the hope that Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and prosperity, will visit and bring good fortune and blessings to the family.

Rangoli designs vary from simple geometric patterns to highly intricate images. Everyone can appreciate the beauty of this art form and have a go at creating a Rangoli design.

Creating a Rangoli design

Using flower petals to make a Rangoli design

 Creating a Rangoli design


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