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J. Stephanoff, Knight of the Bath, 1821. Annotated with comments by Frederick William Fairholt, a 19th-century costume historian 

Knights of the Order of the Bath 

The Order of the Bath was founded by George I (1714-1727) in 1725 as a revival of the traditional medieval knighthood ceremony that included a ritual bathing as a sign of purification. The order was later expanded in 1815 to three ranks: Companion (CB) , Knight Commander (KCB) and Knight Grand Cross (GCB).

The outfits worn by all members of the Order of the Bath at George IV's coronation consisted of a white silk satin doublet (jacket and hose (breeches). The style and length of the red mantle worn over the top and insignia, including crosses on sashes or chains, differed according to the rank of the wearer.


After J. Stephanoff, Knight Commander of the Bath


After J. Stephanoff, Knight Grand Cross of the Bath



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