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His Royal Highess Prince Leopold 

Prince Leopold, Duke of Clarence 

Prince Leopold (the widower of George IV's daughter, Princess Charlotte, who tragically died in 1817) appeared in full Garter Robes. Prince Leopold, as a foreign prince, was not entitled to wear any British Robes of Estate.

Henry Rivington Hill, who watched the procession to the Abbey, wrote that:

"With the exception of the King, Lord Londonderry and Prince Leopold were the most conspicuous figures in the procession. They were the only two habited in the full dress of a Knight of the Garter, the other Knights of that Order being also Peers and dressed accordingly. Lord Londondarry, not being a peer (of Great Britain), walked alone, carrying in his hand a black velvet Spanish hat with an immense plume of white ostrich feathers ..."

The Duke of Clarence (later William IV) wore as a Peer of the Realm his Robes of Estate including a duke's coronet and red velvet mantle trimmed with ermine.

His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence


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