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Visitor looking at stuffed birds in the Booth Museum 

What to see  

Ever since Edward Booth opened the Booth Museum in 1874 with his lifetime collection of stuffed British birds, the museum has remained a fascinating – and quirky – celebration of natural history.

The variety of species of stuffed birds on display is magnificent and is a reflection of Mr Booth’s ambition to try and capture an example of every single British bird in existence. The birds are displayed using the Victorian method of ‘environmental diorama’ that sets them off in their natural habitats.

There are also colourful butterfly collections with over 650 types on display.

The fossil and bone collections date back to when dinosaurs and woolly rhinos roamed Sussex.

Get really hands-on with natural history in the interactive Discovery gallery and at the many events and activities for families and children.

Find out more about the collections in the Booth Museum of Natural History here

History of the Booth Museum of Natural History

History of the Booth Museum of Natural History

Brighton & Hove's Booth Museum was founded in 1874 by Edward Thomas Booth, an ornithologist. Initial collections of birds have since grown to include insects, plants, and minerals and rocks. Oldest specimens include shells and dinosaur bones.


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